2024 8th International Conference on Hydrodynamics, Energy and Electric Power System (HEEPS 2024)

HEEPS 2024 Review

2024 8th International Conference on Hydrodynamics, Energy and Electric Power System (HEEPS 2024)

第八届水动力学与能源电力系统国际学术会议(HEEPS 2024)


2024 8th International Conference on Hydrodynamics, Energy and Electric Power System was held successfully in Beijing, China on June 28-30, 2024. The conference includes five keynote speeches, six oral presentations and twelve poster presentations.

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Keynote Speeches


Prof. Jizhong Zhu 

South China University of Technology

Speech Title:  Research on Short-term Load Forecasting Based on Deep Neural Network


Prof. Lin Chen 

Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Science 

Speech Title:Design and Feasibility Study of Oceanic Gas Hydrate Based Energy Harvest and Power Generation


Asst. Prof. Jianxiao Wang

Peking University 

Speech Title:Data Sharing in Energy Systems


Assoc. Prof. Sohrab Mirsaeidi 

Beijing Jiaotong University 

Speech Title:Deployment of AI-Based Strategies for Commutation Failure Mitigation in Hybrid AC/DC Grids


Prof. Ishak Bin Aris 

Universiti Putra Malaysia 

Speech Title:Moving Towards Intelligent Energy Efficient Vehicle for Smart City Applications

Oral Presentations

Huimei Wang, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Science

Speech title: Numerical Study on Complex Phase Distributions of Supercritical CO2 in a Centrifugal Compressor

Huan Liu, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Science 

Speech Title: Preliminary Analysis of Supercritical CO2 Complex Phase Behaviors Using Phase Field Model Description

Rufan Song, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Science 

Speech Title: Numerical Study on Turbulent CO2 Flow in Supercritical Conditions inside a Circulation Loop: Effect of Operation Parameters

Qunfang Fan, Guangdong Polytechnic of Water Resources and Electric Engineering

Speech Title: Research and Application of the Method of Measuring the Effective Utilization Coefficient of Irrigation Water on Farmland

Pengchen Long, Shanghai Jiao Tong University 

Speech Title: Study on Flow Regime Characteristics in 3×3 Rod bundle Channels Based on Wire Mesh Sensor

Yinping Liu China University of Petroleum (Beijing) 

Speech Title: Insights into Novel Indium Catalyst to KW Scale Low Cost, High Cycle Stability of Iron-chromium Redox Flow Battery


The event featured five enlightening keynote speeches delivered by distinguished leaders in the field: Prof. Jizhong Zhu from South China University of Technology, Prof. Ishak Bin Aris from Universiti Putra Malaysia, Prof. Lin Chen from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Assoc. Prof. Sohrab Mirsaeidi from Beijing Jiaotong University, and Asst. Prof. Jianxiao Wang from Peking University. The speakers emphasized the crucial role of combining innovative technologies with traditional approaches to achieve greater efficiency and sustainability.

In addition to the keynote speeches, HEEPS 2024 included a varied program of oral presentations and poster sessions. Scholars from domestic and international institutions delivered numerous oral presentations, each providing a unique perspective on specific research areas. These sessions were highly interactive, encouraging engaging dialogue among participants and fostering a deeper understanding of the topics discussed. The poster presentations, showcasing emerging research, constituted a significant component of the conference. They offered participants the chance to engage directly with researchers, visualizing ongoing projects and initial findings, which sparked discussions and potential collaborations.

HEEPS 2024 proved to be an exceptional platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and fostering new partnerships. The extensive knowledge shared and the connections established promise to accelerate advancements and innovations in the fields of hydrodynamics, energy, and electric power systems, significantly contributing to global efforts in these areas.

As the conference concluded, participants left with renewed vigor and fresh insights to implement in their respective endeavors. The organizing committee deserves commendation for their flawless execution of the event and their dedication to furthering the dialogue on these critical topics. We look forward to the continued impact this annual conference will have on the global landscape of hydrodynamics, energy, and power systems.

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